Assassins Creed Rebellion Beginner’s Ultimate Guide – Thirteen latest tips

Assassins Creed Rebellion Beginner’s Ultimate Guide – Thirteen latest tips

So its really golden time for the Assassins Creed fans all over the world Since Assassins Creed Rebellion was launched on Nov 21 all over the world.

Assassins Creed Rebellion Beginners Guide

The game is also receiving a good response from the fans all over the world.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion was recently released and the response the people are giving to the game is mesmerizing. The game has received nearly 3 million Pre-registration before the release itself.

Now almost 2 million people have downloaded and started to play this game and yet much more users to come.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion was created and released by Ubisoft entertainment and they were popular game makers all over the world.

It is available both for android at playstore and ios at iTunes

And they were known for their noteworthy games like Hungry dragon, Hungry Shark World, Hungry Shark Evolution.

Also, they created many other games like this too and has attracted many audiences all around the world.

This is their second game based on the assassin, the first one is Assassin’s Creed Identity.

Most of them who are reading this post must be a newbie, so I assure you will get a clear idea about this game when you completely read out this post.

So let’s jump straight into the Assassins Creed Rebellion Beginners Guide.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Beginners Guide

  • This game is not an online multiplayer game which I want to mention at first itself.
  • But you can able to participate in live online events.
  • This game is provided with more than 40 superheroes.
  • You have to utilize them effectively to complete your missions.
  • DNA is the one which is needed to upgrade your superheroes to the next level.
  • There are various regions available throughout the game.
  • And you have to complete missions to go to next region.
  • Intel is like energy level which is required to play missions.
  • Rift tokens are used to play at events.
  • Coins are the form of cash.
  • Wood stack, Stone Stack are used to building up your fortress.
  • You’ll get free DNA cube every 3 hours.
  • In this game Helix Creiss are the most valuable form of cash, its like diamond, gems in other games.
  • You’ll get the Helix Craft rarely, so use it wisely.

Top 14 Beginners tips to master the game

Tip 1- Know about the game basics

Assassins Creed Rebellion Beginners Guide

Once you start the game try to know about every feature of the game carefully. Only if you every hook of the game it will be easier for you to jump to the higher level faster. I followed this tip personally and it is very effective too, so I shared this tip at first itself.

Tip 2 – Use your resources wisely

The main three forms of cash in this game are coins, Helix Credits, Intel. Coins and Intel can be generated in your inventory by building workshops.

But Helix Credits which you can’t get easily like those two because your development in the game is highly based on how you utilize your resources.

Tip 3 – Build up your Fortress in the right way

Assassins Creed Rebellion Beginners Guide

You have to build and assign your workshop in the right way so that they give you output in the right way. Try to build more no of workshops and once your level starts to increase you can unlock new fortress too where you can build new workshops.

Spend equal time on your HQ as much as time you spend on the missions because it is an important thing for your development in the game.

Also, upgrade your workshops for faster results.

Tip 4 – Assign Right Heroes to HQ

In order to more output from HQ, you have to assign the right heroes to HQ based on their skills. Because assigning them in the right manner is the best way to utilize them to their maximum.

Tip 5 – Edit up your team based on the missions

Before going to the mission you will be asked to select 3 members for the missions, the 3 members you are going to select before the mission are the ones who are going to participate in that mission.

So if you choose them based on missions, the success rate will be high.

Also clearly read out the objectives and rewards of the missions.

Also note the team requirements before starting the mission, because if you don’t match up the team requirements your success rate will be low.

Assassins Creed Rebellion Beginners Guide

The best combinations that can be used are

Combo 1
Hero 1 – Assassination specialist Hero 2 – Healing Specialist Hero 3 – Enforcer
Combo 2
Hero 1 – Assassination specialist Hero 2 – Disarm Specialist Hero 3 – Enforcer
Combo 3
Hero 1 – Assassination specialist Hero 2 – Navigation Specialist Hero 3 – Enforcer

These Team Combos workout best, you can give it a shot to test.

Tip 6 – Complete every type of missions

There are four types of mission available in the game and they are

  • Story Mission
  • Legacy Mission
  • Loot Mission
  • Standard Mission 

You have to complete the story mission in order to unlock new regions and other three mission modes.

Legacy missions are the one which will get you DNA Fragments of heroes, coins, Building materials

Play more Legacy to get More DNA fragments which will help you to upgrade heroes faster

Loot Mission is the one which gives coins, Brotherhood Experience, Difference type of ores which are used to build new gear for heroes.

Standard Missions provide you with coins, building materials.

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Tip 7 – Replay Legacy Mission daily to gain DNA fragments

You are able to play Legacy missions 3 to 4 times a day so in order to upgrade your heroes fast you need more no of DNA fragments.

There is a limit to play Legacy mission per day, so make sure you play them accordingly.

Tip  8 – Rest your heroes after every mission

Patience is the main key in this game, so after you play missions the health level of your heroes will be decreased.

So you have to rest the heroes for a certain period to gain full health again.

Before starting the next mission make sure that the health level of your heroes is full.

Tip 9 – Craft new Weapons regularly

Assassins Creed Rebellion Beginners Guide

Try to craft new weapons, gears, shields regularly to increase the power and skills of your heroes which will help them out in the missions.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade your weapon Inventory.

Tip 10 – Don’t forget to train and level up your heroes

Regularly train your heroes to level up and increase the power of your heroes. You need codex to increase the levels of heroes so try to find more codex in the missions.

Tip 11 – Regularly Open DNA cubes every 3 hours

Make it a habit of open the DNA cubes every 3 hours and my personal opinion is don’t waste helix credits to buy DNA cubes which won’t be effective.

Tip 12 – Complete objectives regularly

Try to complete daily objectives to earn more rewards and achievements, which will help you to grow faster.

Tip 13- Participate in events to earn more rewards

This is my final tip which is most important too, try to participate in events as much as possible, because in the events you can get more rewards like DNA Boxes, unlocking of Epic Heroes.

You will also get a chance a explore new regions too.

Also, there are possibilities of getting more rewards if you get higher rankings.

So always stay at the top of the table.

That’s the end of the detailed guide about Assassins Creed Rebellion if you follow the above-given tricks I’m pretty sure you will master the game in no time.

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